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These are the rules of the 6th annual Alaska Salmon Cup competition. The Alaska Salmon Cup trophy shall bear the names of the following persons and sponsors for the Year 2009:

Get your name on the cup if you:

  1. Are a member of the first place king salmon fishing team.

    Teams of four persons can fish anywhere in Alaska between now and July 11,2009.

    Teams weighing and reporting their fish will be ranked by weight of team catch, one fish per team member, as of July 10th at 6:00 p.m. If a team member catches and registers more than one King, only the biggest fish will count in that team's total. This provision allows a fishing buddy or fishing mentor who does not play hockey a chance to be a part of a winning team.

    find an Alaska commercial fishing guide you may want to start with Rainbow River Expeditions at 907-373-2975 or visit

  2. Are the sponsor of the first place fishing team.

    Sponsors pay the $500.00 entry fee for a team of four fishers. We have a list of hockey players, kids and their mentors, who would really appreciate a sponsor. This is a win win situation for any fans or youth advocates who cannot fish or play hockey with us this year. Sponsors are however, invited and encouraged to join in the fun by fishing and/or skating with their teams.

  3. The individual who catches the largest fish of the tournament during the July 4th holiday weekend.

    You do not have to be on the winning team or any team at all to win this one.

  4. Members of the hockey team that wins the Alaska Salmon CupTM game

    Members of the first and second place fishing team, or the persons designated by any team member to play hockey in the fisher�s place will compete on Sunday, July 12th 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Curtis D. Menard Sports Complex in a fun and friendly game of hockey unique to Alaska. Other successful anglers will join these skaters in order to fairly balance the squads.o assure that fans will thrill to the excitement of watching NHL players compete in Alaska. See "The Draft" below.

  5. Youth hockey power play team members.

    The top five financial supporters will be determined at the game. Sealed bids may be submitted through the second intermission at which time the winners will be announced. The minimum bid for this distinction and recognition is $1000.00.

Steve McSwain
Steve McSwain's got the technique
to catch a winner!

Dean Larson

Some guys can score goals with
their eyes closed but don't have
good fishing moves!

If you have this problem:

Find an Alaskan woman
who knows how to fish!


Take a tip from Dean Larson:

The Summer Elite Hockey League


This years Hockey game will be played in the jerseys of the current and former greats of the DETROIT RED WINGS and the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS.


Pictures of the weekend's activities will be used on this website and displayed with the Cup. Please send us any photographs you would like to see on the cup. (Make sure you attach the photo file to the email.)


The fishing teams as of Friday July 10 at 6:00 p.m. will be ranked in the order of the weight of the their catch. The first place team members and their sponsor will automatically be named on the cup. The individual catching the heaviest fish in the tournament during the July 4th weekend will also be named on the cup. These fishermen may also play in the hockey game if they elect to do so. Because they are already destined to be named on the cup, they may wish to give a hockey player whom they favor the chance to join them on the cup.

By 7:00 p.m. the rosters will continue to take shape with the announcement of the first place fishing team which will be joined by the first place individual fisher from the July 4th weekend who shall be their 5th skater. The second place team will have as its fifth skater the youth enrolled in the Alaska Diversity Hockey Camp who caught the biggest fish during the contest period. (see to see how to join that camp.) Each team will be assigned a coach and a general manager by the tournament committee.


The Draft
Catch Fish Play Hockey


On Friday night the teams will select, in round 1, a group known as the "Elite Eight", and, one goaltender. These high level players assure that fans will thrill to the excitement of watching NHL players compete in Alaska. These skaters will skate 4 on 4 in order to open up the ice and to showcase their premier skills.

The draft will begin with a toss of the coin. The winner of the coin toss will choose either the Jerseys they want to wear, or, will exercise the first pick of the elite draft. Each team will then draft in alternating selections the balance of the Elite eight and one goaltender. The goaltender may be selected in any round.

Teams will have up to five minutes for each selection. Each team will have one ten-minute time-out during the draft. The tournament committee will make available to each G.M. a listing of each skater's self-report of experience from which skaters may be drafted. The list will include all fishers and proxies in the tournament, and, whether they have already qualified to play in the game (Fish may yet be caught and reported until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday to qualify a


The final process of team building is the second round of the draft. It will take place as soon as practical after the deadline for reporting fish caught, 6:00 p.m. Saturday. Players will be notified privately of their selection, and their availability confirmed. The final rosters will be posted on this website by 9:00 Sunday morning. See Schedule

Rounds 2 of the draft is for the purpose of matching as closely as possible, the skill level and abilities of the two fishing teams that qualified for the game as FISHING WINNERS. For example, if the first place fishing team consists of a senior men's player, over 40, a high school player, a bantam, a pee wee and a squirt, then the third place team must draft one player from each of those five categories. The draft order from the first round will be reversed in this process.

Teams will have up to five minutes for each selection. Each team will have one optional ten minute timeout during the draft. In the event of a lack of consensus for any choice, the decision of the coach will control. The tournament committee will provide a list to management with each skater�s self-report of experience from which skaters may be drafted.

Finally, Each team will select a 2nd goalie from the persons found eligible for the draft. To be eligible the skater must wear all the equipment required by the league in which that person most recently played.


Alaska Shooters Cup
Alaska Shooters CupAlaska is home to one of the worlds greatest shooters, Mat-su Eagle, New York Ranger and U.S. Olympian Scotty Gomez. Scotty played hockey at Brett Memorial Ice Rink when he was a squirt. In anticipation of seeing him play again in Wasilla, the Wasilla Outdoor Youth Hockey Association established the Alaska Shooters Cup aka The Atamian Cup.

This award will be given to the winner of a shootout with the finals to be held in between periods of the Alaska Salmon Cup hockey game. To qualify for the shootout skaters must be in the Salmon cup tournament as a fisher or a proxy and must qualify for the shootout by invitation or by skill. Preliminary shootout elimination rounds will be announced at this site and will be held between July 7-11.

Wasilla Youth Hockey received a cup donated by former UAF professor Sarkis Atamian. Professor Atamian was a noted author and outdoorsman whose many interests included Wasilla, youth athletics, and outdoorsmanship. In recognition of his generosity and leadership, our shooters trophy is called The Atamian Cup.

On December 27, 2005, Sarkis passed away. His friends and fans at the Alaska Salmon Cup dedicated last years event to the memory of Sarkis, and, to our good friend, Alison, Sarkis' wife and companion of over 25 years. Sarkis did a great job of living the fundamental convictions which he passionately espoused. Chief among them, and one which he never failed to exhibit, was his admonition to "Always give it your very best."


Entries or questions may be faxed to (907) 376 - 9099 or e-mailed to until Friday, July 10 at 4:30 p.m.

In the event of faxed or e-mailed (electronic) entry, the check may be mailed or hand delivered to 851 E. Westpoint Avenue, Suite 202, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. M-F, or by appointment. After hours contact number is 232-2710! You may also phone 376-2361 if you have questions or concerns or need general information. .

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